Let Magnum Roofing & Restoration Assist with Your Roof Insurance Claim

Weather disaster is the primary reason for thousands of roof replacements per year. Don't worry, most homeowners insurance polices will cover the full replacement cost value of your new roof. When it comes to getting roof replaced it is best you work with roofer who knows the ins and outs of the insurance process. We have helped hundreds of homeowners through the insurance process.

Magnum Roofing & Restoration will help with all parts of the insurance claim process and our team of roofing professionals will: 

1. Asses the wind and water damage to your home and provided free invaluable information to guide you through the “INSURANCE MAZE”

2. Deal directly with your insurance company to ensure that you collect the FULL BALANCE of what they owe for the damage to your home.

3. Supplement any hidden cost or building code upgrades

4. Make sure there is no out of pocket expenses except deductible